Social Media ROI Is Not the True Holy Grail in Digital Marketing

The holy grail in digital marketing extends beyond establishing social media ROI or return on investment.

The true holy grail is being able to predict, measure, and guarantee a company’s financial ROI throughout its entire digital marketing strategy.

Since the advent of the commercial Internet, I have collected tens of thousands of data points that have given me the ability to identify what I call the 8 Money Drainers.

These are the mistakes that literally cause a website to leak serious money every day.

We immediately stop these mistakes from happening.

We then apply what I call the 9 Money Making Opportunities.

These are the things that really matter because they drive revenues online by 200 percent or more in 12-months or less.

We quickly prove it’s working by providing clients with clear evidence every step of the way. This creates trust.

Trust matters because each of our clients personally share that prior to finding us they had been burned before.

They had become afraid of believing the wrong people — they became uncertain.

They yearned to find someone trustworthy, someone who would actually do what they said they could do, and then deliver on those promises.

They wanted to find someone willing to guarantee their return on investment.

And so here’s the kicker … we predict each client’s financial return on investment before we begin.

And then we take it even further by guaranteeing their ROI … or its 100 percent free.

Our patent-pending process delivers predictable and guaranteed ROI clients can trust. That’s what really matters.

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This article was written by Stephen