Viral Social Networking

Get social and get sold!

Viral Social Networking is your guide to increase online conversions by up to 780% and your website traffic by 20% or more by accessing customers through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the right way.


Amazon Reviews of this book:

  • Great Step-by-Step Tool for Small Businesses – Jared

  • Social Networking at Viral Speed – Tracy Foote

  • Great for the social media novice – AJ

  • A good overview of the basics (experts need not apply) – Eric San Juan

  • Great Step-by-Step Guide – Barry J. Roberts


Search Engine Optimization

Learn efficient and effective ways to dramatically improving your website’s search engine ranking and double your site’s monthly unique visitors. Guaranteed!

The Small Business Owner’s Handbook to Search Engine Optimization is ideal for small business owners with easy to follow non-technical steps.


Amazon Reviews of this book:

  • Surprisingly easy to understand and WOW- effective! – Stephanie J. Elsen

  • Practical Step-by Step Techniques – S. Busalachi

  • The perfect level – Joe C D

  • Simple and Practical SEO Techniques – A. Jackman

  • SEO Made Simple – Tim Gray

  • A Must Have for Website and Blog Owners – Herb Everett

  • Best SEO Book On The Market!! – William Carr

  • Excellent – Michael Goetzman

  • Tells how to increase Google rankings and enhance site traffic using just 15 easy steps – Midwest Book Review